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Security Integration

Visitor Management

Visitor management systems are a major part of the solution to a wide variety of building access control issues.  In order to provide for the security and safety of everyone in your facility, there is an ever growing need to have an automated and easy-to-use visitor management solution.
The most effective visitor management systems are integrated with a building access control system. This integration allows organizations to grant temporary card or barcode access to certain visitors or contractors directly from the visitor management system at the time of check in. The information entered into visitor management is seamlessly passed to the access control system and credentials for the visitor are activated.

  • Control access to your facilities.
  • Streamline visitor check-in and check-out.
  • Visitor information passed to access control system to ensure proper room access is granted.
  • Print high quality, professional looking visitor badges.
  • Keep visitor information confidential.
  • Analyze visitor data and run queries and reports against your database.
  • Improve and automate lobby security
  • Enhance your image by dealing with visitors more professionally.
  • Make visitors and employees feel safer.

Visitor Management Kiosks are a popular choice for today’s most dynamic business and building owners. Visitors are required to pre-register at the kiosk prior to receiving a badge that allows admittance. Depending on the kiosk configuration, a photo image of the visitor can be taken, an email can be sent to employees upon visitor arrival, the visitor can be screened against programmable watch lists such as sex offender data bases and government denied party list. Kiosks can serve a dual purpose as visitor information booths.

Awareness and control of the comings and goings of visitors can be a major security problem.