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Security Integration

Your security system needs regular maintenance checks to ensure it stays in optimum running order.  Maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment, and also gives you peace of mind that it's working to its full potential when you need it the  most.  When any issue arises in your system that is critical to your security program, we are here to provide the necessary technical support to get you up and running.

In a commercial environment, it is important to have your CCTV system serviced at least twice a year. Regular servicing of a CCTV system ensures the system’s reliability and durability.  It makes sense and costs less to have regular CCTV servicing than breakdown repairs.

We can provide your business with a customized maintenance plan which suits your security system and your facility. To request a technician to perform a maintenance check, or for further information, contact us.

​​One of the most critical components to a successful security system installation is on-going maintenance and support. 

Service and Maintenance