W.A.Wanner Technologies

Security Integration

Access control systems are evolving rapidly with the emergence of new technologies.   Whether you need a high-tech system with integrated biometric devices, or a simple door entry solution, we design, install, and fully integrate your system.  Our access control system design process addresses all aspects of development.

For most access control systems, there are three major components; the physical hardware that attaches to the door, the credentials that allow a user to pass through the door and the Access Control Management Software that allows the system to work in your facility.


  • Single Door Solutions are ideal for a small facility without alot of foot traffic, or for a low security door that needs to be kept out of the buildings main access control system.‚Äč
  • Credential Reader is the device beside the door that registers the users credentials. The reader is required at every door that needs to be secured. These devices vary from proximity readers to Biometric devices.


  • Proximity Devices are the most commonly seen type of user credential, generally seen in the form of a card.  They are also available in keychain or clamshell design.  The user waves the card in front of the reader to unlock the door and gain entry.
  • Smart Cards The emergence of Smart Cards has enhanced the spectrum of credential solutions. Smart cards incorporate several levels of security protection, allowing for a wide range of applications.  Enhanced data storage allows smart cards to be used for other applications including equipment or vehicle checkout and cafeteria services, reducing the need for multiple credentials within an organization.
  • Biometrics Fingerprint, handprint and iris scans are the ultimate user authentication devices for access control.  


  • Locally Managed Access Control provides a full-featured system management software that integrates state of the art security technologies with advanced networking capabilities.
  • A Managed ACM System will allow all of the benefits of a locally managed system without the responsibility and cost of maintaining the equipment.
  • Web-based ACM is an online management system that can monitor and administer the entire system wherever you have Internet access and a Web browser.


  • Expandable Systems - Add more doors later as your facility or needs grow.
  • PoE or Externally powered systems
  • Web Browser Interface or GUI systems
  • Cardholder Database Functionality
  • Integration with security systems / visitor management
  • Documentation to align with your requirements for card access door locations with camera locations, and any other unique features of your facility
  • Integration with burglar alarm and any other security features that are in your facility.

We offer you a full range of sophisticated hardware options and access control management systems to secure your facility and personnel.